The 7 best practices to secure your business

Businesses of all sizes are looking for the best ways to secure their business. Most companies struggle to pin down the practices that will give them the security they need; which is why we have listed the ‘7 best practices to secure your business’:

1) ​​​CCTV systems are essential in securing your business. CCTV is the first line of defence to protect your property and people, often providing 24/7 protection.

2) CCTV monitoring is the next step up for businesses that are serious about securing their organisation. Using a dedicated monitoring service gives a quicker response while allowing the owners to focus on the business rather than dealing with false alarms.

3) Having Manned Guards on your premises. This gives a visual deterrent to potential intruders and, in the case of an actual intrusion, are there to safely deal with the threat.


4) Frequent Mobile Patrols. Mobile patrols are an important practice when securing a business, it is necessary for those with long vulnerable hours without staff, or properties with high value stock.


5) Installing Gates & Barriers that are suitable for a business and its premises give that physical presence that many businesses are lacking. Having a gate can secure a car park and provide selective access.


6) Proper Perimeter Fencing is a necessary Security practice for medium and large businesses. Fencing protects business’ buildings from damage and unauthorised access while being durable enough to withstand an attack on the premises.


7) Access Control ensures that SME’s have absolute control of movement of people, assets and vehicles in to your premises. Access control includes things like keypad entry and biometric readers to give an extra layer of internal security.


These are the first 7 things a business should do to protect and secure a business. Following this list will give any company a solid Security foundation allowing organisation’s to continue with their normal business practices without any intrusion or critical distractions.

CDX Security provides a bespoke, total security solution that meets the changing needs of modern businesses. We ensure that any solution that a business chooses is delivered on budget and on time.


Each of CDX Security’s customers is treated individually, getting to know the clients requirements then building them a solution in line with the 7 best security practices for businesses. For more information email or call us on 08451253505.

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