Top Tips When Buying Security Services

When providing security for your people, property and premises there are a whole host of checks and criteria to go through to get the right supplier for your needs. Buying Security can be a bit of a minefield for those not used to it, and procuring can be incredibly time consuming. There are some very important details to consider when procuring your security service including: cost, whether they are a SIA approved contractor, do they follow British and legal standards, and do they have any other accreditations.

When procuring a security supplier price is largely the factor that will sway a company to choose one supplier over another. That said, a good deal does not always mean cheap. A supplier that is price competitive while providing a good service, is much better than a supplier that is very cheap but may not provide the quality the client is looking for.

Cost plays a huge part when choosing a security supplier but the bottom line is not always the most important, choosing an SIA ACS company can save a company from major headaches later down the line. The Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS) is the SIA’s voluntary standard that independently assesses companies to confirm quality and value. An ACS company has been audited to ensure the company is working to high Security standards and is a good bench mark when choosing an organisation to provide your security solution.

While the ACS status is annually checked and audited there are a number of other ways to verify a company’s Security validity. British standards such as BS7858 (screening and vetting) and BS 7499 (site guarding) are an indicator that a security company is adhering to the proper industry practices. These standards give strict guidelines for companies to follow that will give you peace of mind when choosing a supplier who follows these practices.

Going through due diligence with a company will weed out the bad security companies early on but a procurement team will have to go further and investigate a suppliers additional accreditations. Voluntary standards such as CHAS, SafeContractor and Achilles are given to companies with increased levels of normal business practices (for example SafeContractor audits for better Health & Safety practices). This means that companies with additional accreditations are more likely to contract services at an increased quality than those without.

Being informed about what to look out for when choosing a security supplier makes it a lot easier when buying and can lead to companies getting a better quality of service and more value for money. CDX Security is a company that works towards higher standards and aims to protect its clients’ brand name, reputation and trust.

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