Abbi Roddy has been appointed as the company’s Mental Health First Aider in the aim of curbing the rise in mental health problems – where one in four people in the UK will experience mental health issues. Abbi Roddy has undergone special training to spot the signs of mental health issues in the workplace and will provide specialist and confidential support to the employees of CDX Security, this is in combination with other concerted efforts as part of the company’s new mental health and wellbeing programme.


Abbi, as the company’s Mental Health First Aider, has duties to: respond to crises, provide access to specialist help and support, engage with employees in distress and deal with people who have gone through traumatic experiences.

This announcement comes as CDX implement a whole host of employee support initiatives, from whistleblowing to public empowerment with terrorist attacks. The Mental Health First Aid scheme is the most recent of the new projects and the wellbeing strategy is the first step in embedding a positive, long term cultural change across the organisation.


Nicholas Bottomley, Head of HR for CDX Security, said, “There is a taboo around mental health particularly in the workplace, so having that person there for our employees to talk to is vital in knocking down the barriers of communication and having a better work environment. The training has empowered Abbi and made her more observant to the signs and causations of mental health, and as a company we can now provide steps to not only help those with mental health but try and stop it from escalating.”


Abbi Roddy, Mental Health First Aider, is enthusiastic about the new strategy she said, “We are delivering a service which will deal with early intervention, prevention and total care methods. Helping people manage their emotional health and wellbeing through targeted support is something that I feel genuinely passionate about, and I want to do all I can do to support positive mental health.”


To talk to Abbi Roddy about Mental Health First Aid or CDX Security’s Wellbeing strategy phone 01925 737 511.

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